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Food Storage Secrets And Tips

If you are planning on storing food, most likely you fall into the 30, 60, or 90 day categories. Most who plan on having food for more than 90 days have extra techniques like gardening to add to their food supplies. For the average person these food storage secrets and tips will help you get the security you are wanting without having to go to extremes.

The biggest food storage secret!

The big secret to food storage is to store the food that you eat on a regular basis. While this might not sound like a secret many tend to complicate the process. Here is how this process works.

Let’s say there is a can of soup that you enjoy on a regular basis. Instead of eating up that cans you have then going to the store and getting more, go ahead and buy 10 or 20 cans of that soup for storage. When you eat 5 of those cans, go to the store and buy 5 more. What this does is make a rotational stock of food that you can depend on if there is a time of food shortages or disaster.

When you start doing this with enough items, you can build up your food supplies. It doesn’t have to be done in one trip. Just start doubling up on everyday items when you go shopping and gradually build towards a 30 day then 60 day supply of food.

What about long term food storage and products?

These do work. There are freeze dried and instant ready meals that can be stored for years. These have their place in long term food storage but aren’t required.

One of the best long term storage products to invest in are seeds. Learn to garden and make growing food part of your food storage plans for the 90 day and beyond needs for food. Realistically if the disaster has not come back together within 90 days, you do need long term food plans by growing food.

Start Today

When you buy that jar of peanut butter to replace the empty one, buy two. Every time you run out, buy at least one more. Do this for enough items in the home and you will have your food stored without the messy issue of expiration dates to worry about.


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